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Capricorn Coast Plants: Mangroves
Yellow Mangrove Ceriops species
Three species, Ceriops tagal, Ceriops australis and Ceriops decandra are commonly found in Queensland. They are difficult to tell apart except when flowering or fruiting. They grow to 5 m tall.
Roots: Buttresses at the base of the trunk and knee roots.
Leaves: Small (up to 7 cm long), yellow-green, oval- shaped leaves occurring in groups at the end of branches. The leaves are often orientated straight up in the air to avoid strong midday sunlight.
Flowers and Fruit: Small green-brown flower buds with pale orange petals.
Bark: Cream coloured bark with dark brown spots. Location: Often occurring as short, stunted trees (especially in very saline environments), they may grow to 5 m high in areas having some freshwater influence.
A Yellow Mangrove beside the Scenic Highway, Cooee Bay
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